Friday, January 16, 2009

Vanilla Waffle Cookies

I found it! The right waffle iron, what an ordeal... I was looking for a shallow iron with 6x6 pockets per waffle. Apparently the four brands that make these irons have discontinued them. But, for the kind of belgian waffles I want to make, I need that exact iron. (I'm from Belgium and am particular about my waffles.)
I looked for hours on the web and finally on Ebay, there it was. Hopefully it is in good shape and it arrives in time for the party. Next, is framing the original art of the book for the show. I'm off, to find the right frames.

1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    Good luck with those waffles... I'm Belgian too, but living in Italy and I know finding The Right Iron is virtually impossible. (Not to mention the recipee.) But well done! Enjoy them!

    Groetjes, K.

    PS. The posters look really lovely...