Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up and Down

I walked into a book store in NY and there it was, face-out, on the shelf. I had been waiting about this moment for a long time. But this moment was bitter sweet. Half an hour earlier when I walked into my favorite Manhattan Children's Bookstore, Hugging Hour was no where to be found. When inquiring at the desk, I was informed that they didn't carry the book. What happened? I had shown the owner of the store, a pre-release copy a while before, and he told me he wanted to organize a book signing. "Have your people call my people," he said.
I am telling you, it's a roller coaster. Up and down. No hands on the wheel. No control. Maybe this will all feel different next time. Next time is coming up though. On the 10th of February I have another book coming out, Bella & Bean, written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, and illustrated by me. Stay tuned.

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