Monday, January 12, 2009

I know where the wild thing is!

"Mama, I'm a baby MONSTER!" My daughter shouted as she came home from a day with the nanny, I could hear her from a mile away. She threw off her jacket, rolled on the floor, (practically licking it.)
"Look at me, I am spinning around." She continued hanging upside down from the indoor swing she got from Santa. Then she spotted a piece of salmon on the counter and lunged for it. My husband tried to fend her off and keep her away from the hot stove while I was trying to get her out of the kitchen without dropping the plates I was carrying to the table. After grabbing my leg with her fishy hands trying to bite it, she decided my husbands' leg was a better choice.
"I'm gonna eat the dog!" she continued jumping towards our 11 year old Staffy.
When we finally made it to the dinner table, she grabbed the salmon skin of the platter and devoured it in a few bites. We didn't immediately know how to react. My husband said,
"It's probably not bad for her."
"There must be a lot of Omega 3 in it," I added.
When she tried to balance on the arm of her chair, my husband proposed that they jump around in the living room for a while, before taking a bath.
We had planned to catch up on some writing after we put her to bed, but I think I'll crawl to the couch in stead to join my collapsed man.

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