Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vroman's Bookstore visit

I've always liked Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, so when Marla Frazee and my publisher both told me about the bookstores weekly story time, I knew I wanted to be part of that. 

The story time organizers were so nice. They had provided a great space to sit, flanked by books.

 Vroman's had ordered a lot of my books, both Hugging Hour! and Bella & Bean.

Attentive kids and thoughtful adults showed up and listened happily as I read.

I recognized many dear faces in the audience. 

The whole trip to California turned out to be much fun. Story time at Vroman's was a highlight. Oyher highlights were the Pecha Kucha at Big Buddha Baba, the Book Party at Sue's, and the reading at Mrs. Nelson's. The photo's from Story Time at Mrs. Nelson's will follow shortly.

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  1. I enjoy that kind of activities to share thoughts and ideas with my little children and more when the teller is a very experimented person like that woman.