Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mrs Nelson's Bookstore visit

Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore was new to me, but what a pleasant surprise! We arrived early and walked around the entire store looking into every red trimmed window. 
What a wonderful, big and very comprehensive store! The people from Mrs. Nelson's were welcoming and very sweet. They had a gift basket for me with  water, fruit and a scone. How great is that?
A quilt was spread out for the children to sit on, in front of a comfortable armchair, framed by a window streaming early morning sunlight. Children and parents started trickling in. 
The reading was pleasant, relaxed and much fun. 

Someone from the store had downloaded a free coloring sheet from my website, and coloring time for the kids was scheduled after I was done reading. Another brilliant idea.
My book Hugging Hour sold out immediately. Unfortunately they had not received Bella & Bean in time for the event. 
My dear friend Michael also didn't make it in time for the reading; he drove an hour to La Verne. But let me tell you, the store alone is worth the drive, and I was very happy to see him for a little bit anyway. 
Overall we had a great experience at Mrs. Nelson's, and we are sure to go back there whenever we can.

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