Friday, March 20, 2009

Belgium Day 5

We went to Gent. I lived in Gent for 5 years before I moved to Paris. I was an animation film student at the Koninklijke Academie, and lived the life art students live, which took place mostly at night. Gent looked very different strolling through it with a husband and a child. 
After being in the states for 18 years, the cobblestones, the Churches and Castles, the whole city, looked like fairy tale. My daughter kept asking where the princesses were that lived in the castles. Unfortunately all the princes and princesses were at school. We took the boat trip on the river and learned a whole lot of new things about the city. The reason we chose to visit Gent, was that my very dear friend Silvia Defrance, lives there. Silvia just finished a new animated film called Candy Darling. The film won two awards so far, and as soon as she gets it on Youtube, I will post a link. 
Anyway, I urgently need to get on with day 6 here in Belgium, it's after 10:00AM and the princess is waiting for me at the playground.

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