Friday, January 10, 2014

Miss Maple's Seeds

I've been on a serious holiday brake from blogging, but, I am back now. I 'm wishing everyone a wonderful 2014, and I want to ring in the year by sharing one of my very favorite books of 2013, and that is:
Miss Maple's Seeds

Miss Maple, a sweet older lady, takes in orphan seeds of all kinds, and tucks them in cozy beds for the cold winter. She reads flower tales to them by firefly light! When spring finally comes around, she carefully helps the seeds find a good place for each them to grow. Miss Maple has given them guidance and love, and now her part in their story comes to an end. Then in the fall the cycle starts again.

Not only is the art more than gorgeous, see for yourself.
But, the story is beautiful and very sweet. This book is ideal for telling little ones about the seasons, the cycles of live, and to teach reverence for nature around us.

If I had anything to say, everyone should have the privilege to own a copy of Miss Maple's Seeds.
Congratulations Eliza, you made a masterpiece.


  1. Aileen, what an honor! Thank you so much for all your kind words and for featuring my book on your blog. It means especially a lot coming from such a talented artist as yourself. I'm a huge fan of your work!!