Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Weaving of a Dream, Marilee Heyer

For this post I decided to review one of my favorite NOT new picture books. I have quite a few. When I looked some of the books up on Amazon, I saw that many of them were out of print. How disappointing. These are fantastic books; they should NEVER go out of print. Why do books go out of print that fast? Luckily, Marilee Heyer's The Weaving of a Dream, is still available, even though only in paperback. The book is a retelling of a Chinese folk tale. The water-color and color pencil art is breath takingly beautiful. Heyer's attention to detail is unbelievable and she is a master at painting fabrics, patterns and texture. I heard Marilee Heyer speak at an SCBWI conference years ago. She has a background in fashion illustration, and has a strong interest in history, antiques, and combining Eastern and Western themes. These interests are represented in her work in the most wonderful way.


  1. The weaving of a dream it's an spectacular book specially because it's a different book we can get some ideas and thoughts we don't know, actually the author was thinking like an Asian man.

  2. Aileen,
    I see that this post is from 2009, may I tell you that this book has had a very long run for a childrens book. I bought my first copy in 1989 for my daycare.
    I was just writing about a colored pencil/india ink drawing that this inspired. The book is in storage and I have not seen in a couple of years. Yea for Google searches. Everything IS on the Internet. :)