Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carll Cneut

While in Belgium, we did of course purchase some picture books. One of them is called (literally  translated) The Secret from the Throat of the Nightingale, illustrated by Carll Cneut. 
Cneut has been one of my favorite illustrators since the first time I discovered one of his books, years ago. The books he published here in the States, are, The Amazing Love Story of Mr. Morf, (written and illustrated by Cneut) Antonio on the Other Side of the World, Getting Smaller, (written by Malachy Doyle) and Monster Don't Eat me, (written by Carl Norac). I love the way he uses his Acrylic paint thickly and dry, allowing the carefully chosen color of the layer below to show through. His use of color and pattern is beautiful and unique, and his play with perspective and scale, masterful. 

I hope this new book will make it to the American market, but for now I am happy to share some of his art here with you. (Top: cover of The Secret... Middle: spread from Antonio... Bottom: spread from Mr. Morf)

Carll Cneut makes me proud to be Belgian!


  1. I always buy this kind of books because my son love them, and from this author I just have 2 books, and my son like them since my aunt gift him the first one.

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