Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Bella and Bean

This was the shelf at the Union Square Barnes and Noble last week. The pink book in the middle at the top is Bella and Bean. Two shelves down, in the middle is Hugging Hour. Happy, Happy!
Back to the matter at hand. Bella and Bean, is a book about two friends. Bella wants to write poetry, Bean wants wants to play. Bella gets grumpy about being interrupted all the time, Bean tries to coax her to come out. They end up having a very fun and productive day.
Here is the first page of the book, (the one Esme Codell wants to rip out!)
Most of the story takes place outside the window of Bella's tree cottage. One location and a lot of dialogue. For an illustrator, that's not the easiest kind of manuscript to visualize. I was fortunate though, Rebecca interweaves the dialogue with inspiring poetic words that take the reader into Bella's creative little mouse head, a whole new and infinite location to explore.

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